# At EASA we are creating a workplace that is welcoming to ALL.

# A workplace where everyone can be themselves without fear or discrimination.

# A workplace where everyone can thrive!

Since our foundation, we bring together people from different cultures and backgrounds. We are proud of our diverse teams since they are assets for our mission in aviation safety and sustainability. Diversity & Inclusion is part of our corporate strategy and anchored in our Single Programming Document. We have a dedicated Diversity & Inclusion team that shapes a diverse work environment and promotes respect for everyone, while preventing any form of harassment at the workplace. Our commitment to promoting equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion within the workplace and globally across the Aviation industry stakeholders is reflected in our Gender Equality Plan.


We engage in a number of internal and external initiatives to raise awareness about the importance of equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace.

EASA was represented at the Global Aviation Gender Summit in July 2023.

Every year on 8 March we celebrate international women's day. 

June is the EU Pride month! 🌈 

We are taking this opportunity to raise awareness, promote acceptance, and celebrate the incredible contributions of the LGBTQI+ community.


We are not working in isolation. Together with our external partners and networks we promote diversity. 

EASA’s Executive Director is a signatory to the EC ‘Women in Transport’ declaration.

We are part of the EU Agencies Network which aspires to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

We are sponsor of the UN Initiative HeforShe, a global solidarity movement for gender equality.

"I joined the Diversion & Inclusion team because I strongly believe in actively creating a workplace that values diversity and inclusion, where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed and reach their full potential."

               - Statement by Alberto Cunial, Member of EASA's Diversity and Inclusion Team