Starting your journey with us

Congratulations for being one of our successful candidates!

Here is what to expect next: 
You will receive a conditional offer of employment. This letter provides information about the employment conditions, expected salary, and a list of administrative steps to comply with. In addition, our welcome pack contains useful information to support your onboarding (e.g. relocation to Cologne, schooling, healthcare etc.).
There are some important administrative steps to be undertaken before starting your career with us. In general, we will have to make sure that you:

  • Have fulfilled any obligations imposed by the applicable laws on military service
  • Meet the character requirements for the duties involved (enjoy full rights as a citizen): we will ask you to provide an official certificate confirming the absence of any criminal record
  • Are physically fit to perform the duties linked to the post: if you are not working for an EU institution yet you will be invited to undergo a pre-employment medical examination in a medical centre indicated by us
  • Have any personal interests that could impair your independence or any other conflict of interest: we will ask you to submit a declaration of interest
  • Provide us with the relevant documents for contract preparation such as: your educational qualification(s) and evidence(s) of employment confirming your work history. These documents are needed to complete and verify your grading. Please note that original documents may be requested at any time during the process. 

The offer of employment becomes legally binding once these steps are completed and when all documents have been validated. Upon confirmation of your start date you will receive from us several documents and forms to complete your onboarding. You will sign the contract of employment on your first working day.
On your first day at EASA you will be introduced to the following three HR matters: individual rights, working conditions and health cover.
During your first weeks at EASA we will provide you with a roadmap for newcomers covering induction training and administrative and probation-related activities. Our HR experts will guide and assist you wherever needed so that your EASA journey takes off smoothly!